Vincent | 31 October 2021

Happy Halloween! I’m not going trick or treating, or even dressing up this year; but if you’re celebrating I hope you do so safely.

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Filipino American History Month

Vincent | 14 October 2021

I got to attend a Filipino American History Month event last night with several people from other tech companies in the Bay Area. It was a great experience to join. This event was my introduction to FAHM. My Octobers now have a new reason to celebrate in addition to my mom’s and my birthdays!

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First Post

Vincent | 13 October 2021

Hello World! This is my first post on my own page! It’s been some time since I’ve created something to put on the World Wide Web, but I’m excited to do this again. stay tuned for some more updates as I continue to learn what all can be done with Github.io

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